Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike – Wii – 2010

In 2010, I had the opportunity to work on the first Wii game of the Combat of Giants brand. My responsibilities on this project were primarily focused on balancing the ladder mode, which is the single-player story mode, and improving the game's signs and feedback. I also had the chance to dabble in AI design with a colleague, which proved to be a highly educational experience.

This project marked my first encounter with the Wii platform, and I was impressed by the possibilities offered by the Wiimote-Nunchuck controller and the physical engagement it demands from the player. I look forward to working with similar controllers in the future.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike allows players to choose from 18 different dinosaur breeds and further customize their creature with horns, bone plates, and more. The game challenges players to survive in three different environments: a tropical forest, a desert, and a mountain. It also offers multiple multiplayer modes.

Genre: Wii, Action, Adventure

Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike