Projet KILO-JAM 2006

Projet KILO-JAM is an interactive visual and sound performance installation created by the BANG! collective. The installation consists of a series of gym equipment (2 punching bags, 1 stationary bike, and a step) converted into musical instruments using sensors and computers. Interactors are encouraged to interact with the instruments to produce a "jam" musical in the most synchronized way possible to evolve the computer-produced music and make it go from trip-hop to electro and finally to drum and bass. The evolution of the jam is visible on a projection that indicates the level of synchronicity achieved.

Date: April 30, 2006

Location: Bar l'Alizé, Montreal, Canada

Artists: SĂ©bastien Samson (realization, programming), Olivier Lalonde (sound, programming), Renaud Granda (video, programming), Sophie Chabot (production), Nestor Navarez (logistics)