LEGO® Life App: Senior Gamification Design Manager at LEGO

The LEGO® Life App is a creative and social place for kids, offering a completely safe environment where they can get inspired, share their creativity, and connect with other kids. As the Senior Gamification Design Manager at LEGO, I had the pleasure of contributing to the release of this app.

The app allows kids to upload and share photos of their LEGO creations, like and comment on each other’s posts, and safely friend others. It also features AR avatars, rewards and badges, and a variety of activities and fun ways for kids to get inspired.

One of the unique features of the app is the ability for kids to make their own avatar come to life using Augmented Reality. They can view and interact with their own 3D avatar and place it in the real world. Once they have found the perfect spot, they can take a snapshot and share it with other kids in the app.

Genre: Mobile, Social, Creative

LEGO Life App