My Weight Loss Coach iPod touch/iPhone : Ubisoft 2008

I served as the Lead Game Designer for the port of the DS game "My Weight Loss Coach" to the iPod Touch/iPhone platform. This game was developed in conjunction with a nutritionist to support users in their weight loss journey by tracking their progress and achievements, helping them improve their energy balance, take control of their weight efficiently, and feel better.

The main challenge of this port was to adapt the pedometer feature of the DS game to the iPhone. Since iPhone applications are downloaded, there was no way to include a physical pedometer. We overcame this by using the motion sensors of the iPhone to create a digital pedometer. However, this posed another problem as using the pedometer required the application to run constantly for a long period, which could quickly drain the iPhone's battery. To overcome this, I developed a new feature to record frequent walk samples that could be added to the daily activity calendar of the application.

Genre: iPod touch/iPhone, Education, Casual