Project CARS GO: iOS and Android Release

Project CARS GO (PCARSGO) is a mobile racing experience that combines casual gameplay with high-fidelity graphics. The game was released for free on iOS and Android platforms on March 23. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios and published by GAMEVIL, PCARSGO is a "One Touch" racing game that brings real-world vehicles and tracks to the casual gamer.

The game features a simple yet thrilling One Touch racing mechanic designed for high-speed racing thrills on the go. It boasts realistic graphics and high-quality sound effects. Designed for motorhead grease monkeys and casual gamers alike, PCARSGO allows users to personalize and tune cars through easy-to-use comprehensive customization options.

Players can accumulate and expand their automobile collection from real-world cars and brands ranging from historic racing pedigrees to futuristic concept models. Vehicle classes such as GT3, Open-Wheel, Prototype, Road and more are available to test skills on real-life racetracks and drag strips.

The game also includes various modes to test the player’s driving abilities on the track. Modes include World tour, Daily & Manufacturer Invitationals, Time Trails and more, offering countless hours of fun yet exhilarating gameplay.

Genre: Mobile, Racing, Free-to-play

Project CARS GO