Skylanders – Spyro’s Universe – MMO : Frima Studio 2011

In 2011, I worked on "Skylanders – Spyro’s Universe", a MMO targeted at kids between 7 and 10. The game, developed by Frima Studio for Activision Blizzard, is flash-based and can be played online. As a game designer, I worked on various aspects of the game, with my main role being the design of the three minigames that allow you to defend your skyland from sky pirates and evil minions: Ground Defense, Castle Assault, and Sky Defense.

The main challenge in designing these mini-games was the necessity to allow players to use any of the 32 figurines available at launch and further figurine releases, and use their special elemental powers. I also participated in the balancing of the game economy and other sections of the game in general.

Skylanders is a trans-media brand. It’s an ecosystem of games that are inter-linked through the use of figurines. By placing a Skylander figurine on a “portal of power”, players can change the character used in-game. The figurines can be used in all the games of the series, and statistics are transferred on the figurine to be used in other games.

Genre: MMO, Action, Adventure

Skylanders – Spyro’s Universe