Sebastien Samson

Writings & Talks

Here are some Articles, Essays and Talks I did in the Past.

The Big Gamification Challenge: Compulsion Loops & Dopamine

2018 | Gamification, Compulsion Loops, Dopamine, Game Design, Player Engagement

This is a talk I put up together for the Big Gamification Challenge 2018 organised by REACTOR in collaboration with the Anglia Ruskin university , UK To explain how to use Compulsion Loops to produce Dopamine in games and gamified apps I touch multiple subjects

  • Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Motivation and Rewards
  • Challenges and Skills
  • Anticipation, Churn and Retention

Most of the talk was based on my experience of some theories I found works best for game system design. Unfortunately, it was not recorded but the presentation slides are available with commenter notes. I also decided to write an article on that talk which I published on Gamasutra (now ) and I am also making available here:

The Big Gamification Challenge 2018.pdf

Compulsion Loops & Dopamine in Games and Gamification.pdf

Flow and difficulty adjustment in video games

2010 | Flow, Difficulty Adjustment, Video Games, Player Experience, Game Design

This paper discusses the concept of 'flow' in video games and how adjusting the difficulty level can impact the player's experience. It explores the balance between challenge and skill, and how this balance can keep players in a state of flow, enhancing their enjoyment and engagement with the game.

Flow and Difficulty Adjustment in Video Games.pdf

Video Games and Cybernetics

2008 | Video Games, Cybernetics, Feedback Loop, Emergent Gameplay

This essay explores the relationship between video games and cybernetics. It discusses how video games can be seen as cybernetic systems, with players and the game interacting and influencing each other in a feedback loop. The essay also delves into the concept of emergent gameplay that arises from these interactions.

Video games and Cybernetics.pdf

Interactivity, Arts and New Technologies

2007 | Interactivity, Arts, New Technologies, Interactive Art

This essay discusses the intersection of interactivity, arts, and new technologies. It explores how new technologies have influenced the arts, leading to the creation of new forms of interactive art. The essay also discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by these developments.

Interactivity, arts and new technologies.pdf

Essay on the dramatization strategies of a live-action role-playing game as an interactive work

2006 | Interactive Work, Role-Playing Games, Dramatization Strategies, Live-Action Role-Playing Games, Dernière Alliance

This essay delves into the immersive reality of interactive entities within a set of established rules, focusing on role-playing games. The essay specifically analyzes live-action role-playing games (LARP) produced by the group Dernière Alliance (D.A.). The essay explores various dramatization strategies, such as physical immersion, costume and decor,role-playing, and the stimulation of players' imagination.

Essay on the Strategies of Dramatization in a Live-Action Role-Playing Game as an Interactive Work.pdf