Sebastien Samson

Personal Projects

Micelanous personal projects with shared code and resources.

Journaling with GTasks

2023 | App Script & GPT

How to hack Google Tasks into a reflective writing journaling database with AI by using spreadsheets

Open Git repository

Skill Tree Component for Unity

2023 | Unity C#

A simple modular C# script to create skill trees in games

Open Git repository

New Media Installations

Here are some of the personal projects I've worked on over the years. These projects span a range of areas, including digital media, game development, web design, and more. Each project was a learning experience and an opportunity to explore new ideas and technologies.


2008 | Interactive Installation

Kilo-Jam was a project that involved creating an interactive installation in a public space. The installation was designed to be playful and engaging, encouraging participants to interact with the installation and with each other by producing music with rigged gym instruments. The project was a collaborative effort and was presented at a public event.

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Sans Coeur Circuit

2007 | Interactive Installation

Sans Coeur Circuit was an interactive installation that was designed to simulate a "Spy Infiltration" challenge using lasers and sonic detectors attached to a robotized head. The goal is to switch off the lights by pressing buttons while avoiding being detected. The project was presented at a public event.

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Projet Xion

2002 | Mediatic Installation

Projet Xion was a multimedia project that combined video, sound, and interactive elements to create an immersive experience. The installation is a brainwashing machine that attempts to influence a voluntary subject. It was presented as a prestation with a public audience.

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